Sweet Throwing


The “Getto dei Dolciumi”
means the throwing of sweets
from the passing floats to people!
The Getto is the Fano Carnival’s strong point.
Every year quintals of candies and chocolates
fall down from the allegorical floats
during the parades.

“it’s not about confetti, chalk or streamers but it’s about sweets: chocolates, bonbons, sugared almonds, candies. Tons and tons of sweets: chocolate box, chocolate bars, pastries, delicacies, gianduia, almond brittles. Every float is provided with an overflowing over ten tons. (…) This is a completely evolution: from the homage to the throwing, as the indifference, the cordiality, the generosity and the largesse fire up; from kindness to storm, to fury, in a crowd, in a rush, a in a hailstorm, in a tornado: from a kiss spiced with bruises. A friend of mine … pulled herself out of the crowd so compromised that she had to get married after a few days. Only one, it is said, a hero, a fearless without a mask or helmet, managed (but will it really be true?) to climb up, to move against the tide the stream and reach a place of refreshment, losing just a pair of trousers and a shoe. What is certain is that whoever returns, speaks like a survivor, a veteran. ”

(Fabio Tombari)