Children Carnival


To serve as an “aperitif” (free)
to the classic parades of the big floats
there is the Carnival dedicated to children
that, starting at 10 in the morning,
officially opens every year
the Carnival of Fano
along Viale Gramsci.

As a “free” aperitif to the ordinary parades of large floats, there is the Carnival dedicated to children which, starting at 10 am, officially opens the Fano Carnival every year along Viale Gramsci.

To act as guides, our carnival floats-makers will have the task of explaining the meaning, the methods of construction and the values that characterize their allegorical floats. Among the papier-mâché giants, even the “Vulon” (historical mask of the Carnival of Fano), will liven up the didactic moment … throughout the morning, at the beginning of the avenue, it will be possible to take advantage of the atelier, make-up and costume made by the laboratory “Fano Città dei Bambini“. (Fano, “city of children”)

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